Sino TV

In the week of China’s President, Xi Jinping’s visit state to the UK,  Nichol Media launched Sino; the UK’s newest TV channel on to the Freeview platform, channel 244. Sino’s is a dedicated entertainment channel covering; culture, travel, cooking, entertainment and business. Sino is where East meets West, in what David Cameron describes as the golden era of relations between UK and China.

It is a fact that huge areas of the world of movies are never shown on TV. With the development of digital TV and cable/satellite channels, viewers could have expected to finally have access to a truly varied offer of films. Well, guess again! It seemed like a huge section of the movie world was to remain hidden away and only a chosen few would be granted the ultimate privilege of being shown on traditional movie channels.

Fortunately, this is where the « Drive-in Movie Channel » steps in, broadening its spectrum of films to reach places hitherto untouched by television and shattering taboos. It is time to do away with the notion that a movie channel showing catalogue films is nothing more than a museum for outdated, old fashioned film enthusiasts. Movies are life. Eternal life maybe, but life all the same.

The « Drive-in Movie Channel » offers to recreate the magic that marked the glory days of the movies by offering viewers a new perspective, sometimes quirky, occasionally over the top, often irreverential but never disrespectful. A channel with a rich, varied and dynamic editorial policy. A truly groundbreaking concept offering unbridled entertainment for the whole family. An amazing, hypnotic experience. In a word, unique.